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I must have passed that shop back and forth six times during that manful struggle. Then i said, in a commercial and self-possessed way      then im already saved! God be merciful to you forever! If ever i--      let me finish, lloyd. But - would it be quite proper, do you think?      no, i dont know that it would - in fact, im afraid it wouldnt but, you see, theres so much dependent upon it that--      then ill go anyway, proper or improper, she said, with a beautiful and generous enthusiasm.

The fact had gone all abroad that the foreign crank who carried million-pound bills in his vest pocket was the patron saint of the place. Man, i cant take it in at all cant realize it give me time to settle the whirl in my head. Dressed at my level best, i drove by the house in portland place, judged by the look of things that my birds were home again, went on towards the ministers and got my precious, and we started back, talking salary with all our might.

No, i couldnt venture it now i was in too deep that is, too deep for me to be risking revelations to so new a friend, though not clear beyond my depth, as i looked at it. It would begin in a month after that i should be all right. I have got to carry this immense burden around until those men come back, whether i want to or not.

But he said that wasnt any matter he was quite willing to let the trifle stand over till another time. I said, im just as grateful as i can be, but really i dont want one. And my! The interest the ministers wife and daughter took in our little affair, and the endless ingenuities they invented to save us from interruption, and to keep the minister in the dark and unsuspicious - well, it was just lovely of them!      when the month was up at last, i had a million dollars to my credit in the london and county bank, and hastings was fixed in the same way.

You shall sell out inside of the fortnight for three millions cash, using my name freely, and well divide, share and share alike. I said i was sincerely glad, and asked what it was. Just at nightfall, when hope was about gone, i was picked up by a small brig which was bound for london.

Well, here was a coil to be in! You are posted on what had preceded all this, but i was not. Just to find a human interest once more, in some voice and in some eye, in me and affairs of mine, after what ive been through here - lord! I could go down on my knees for it!      he gripped my hand hard, and braced up, and was all right and lively after that for the dinner - which didnt come off. She kept pleading with me, and saying      oh, please remember that if we ask for too much we may get no salary at all and then what will become of us, with no way in the world to earn our living?      we were ushered in by that same servant, and there they were, the two old gentlemen. Everybody took a lady and processioned down to the dining-room, because it is usual to go through the motions but there the dispute began. My portias papa took that friendly and hospitable bill back to the bank of england and cashed it then the bank canceled it and made him a present of it, and he gave it to us at our wedding, and it has always hung in its frame in the sacredest place in our home ever since.

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Short Stories Books

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Short Stories Books Dear me! Its a palace - its just a palace! And in it everything a body could desire, including cosy coal fire and supper standing ready. Without doubt the salary would be large. So, A free online library, Read Print puts thousands of online books at your fingertips. So i forced myself to go on by. I will save you, but not in that way for that would not be fair to you, after your hard work, and the risks youve run. I reached the note towards him, and said, carelessly      then he was restored to his normal condition, and made a thousand apologies for not being able to break the bill, and i couldnt get him to touch it, But every time i made a move to get it some passing eye detected my purpose, and of course i straightened up then, and looked indifferent. He had worked hard, had pulled every wire he knew of, had left no honest expedient untried, had spent nearly all the money he had in the world, had not been able to get a solitary capitalist to listen to him, and his option would run out at the end of the month. Set down the gentlemans address and--      im changing my quarters.
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    He was worshiping, with all his body and soul, but he looked as if he couldnt stir hand or foot. Set down the gentlemans address and--      im changing my quarters. By this time i was tramping the streets again. He said he hoped he wasnt afraid to trust as rich a gentleman as i was, merely because i was of a merry disposition, and chose to play larks on the public in the matter of dress. From being a poor, struggling, little hand-to-mouth enterprise, it had become celebrated, and overcrowded with customers.

    I said i might not be in his neighborhood again for a good while but he said it was of no consequence, he could wait, and, moreover, i could have anything i wanted, any time i chose, and let the account run as long as i pleased. I believed my second years salary would carry me through the rest of the month if i went on being cautious and economical, and i intended to look sharply out for that. It is lent to you for thirty days, without interest. About ten oclock on the following morning, seedy and hungry, i was dragging myself along portland place, when a child that was passing, towed by a nurse-maid, tossed a luscious big pear - minus one bite - into the gutter. Theres a bet on me no way to find out what it is - let it go.

    Those two old brothers had been having a pretty hot argument a couple of days before, and had ended by agreeing to decide it by a bet, which is the english way of settling everything. Well, how i did eat! When at last i couldnt hold any more, i took out my money and unfolded it, took one glimpse and nearly fainted. One day i ventured too far, and was carried out to sea. His character is above reproach, and the mine is worth far more than he asks for it. They saw many honest faces go by that were not intelligent enough many that were intelligent, but not honest enough many that were both, but the possessors were not poor enough, or, if poor enough, were not strangers. You will remember that the bank of england once issued two notes of a million pounds each, to be used for a special purpose connected with some public transaction with a foreign country. They began to ask me questions about myself, and pretty soon they had my story. He received it with a smile, one of those large smiles which goes all around over, and has folds in it, and wrinkles, and spirals, and looks like the place where you have thrown a brick in a pond and then in the act of his taking a glimpse of the bill this smile froze solid, and turned yellow, and looked like those wavy, wormy spreads of lava which you find hardened on little levels on the side of vesuvius. One moment - let me show you out, sir. I confront those old gentlemen?      n-o if my being with you would help hearten you.

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    I want you to let me come soon, and detail my whole months history and i promise you its worth hearing. Oh, it was just too-too!      well, i was perfectly honest and square with her told her i hadnt a cent in the world but just the million-pound note shed heard so much talk about, and it didnt belong to me, and that started her curiosity and then i talked low, and told her the whole history right from the start, and it nearly killed her laughing. About the tenth day of my fame i went to fulfil my duty to my flag by paying my respects to the american minister. Of course, nobody was hurt this time, because we had all been to dinner, none of us being novices excepting hastings, and he having been informed by the minister at the time that he invited him that in deference to the english custom he had not provided any dinner Buy now Short Stories Books

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    Everybody had been trying to lend me money, but i had fought off the most of them on one pretext or another so this indebtedness represented only 300 borrowed money, the other 300 represented my keep and my purchases. Once or twice ive seen your own name coupled with the nickname, but it never occurred to me that you could be the henry adams referred to. Now, something had been happening there a little before, which i did not know anything about until a good many days afterwards, but i will tell you about it now. Report at this house at the end of that time. And so i always say, yes, its a million-pounder, as you see but it never made but one purchase in its life, and then got the article for only about a tenth part of its value Short Stories Books Buy now

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    In the night, in the dark, the tragedy part was always to the front, and always warning, always threatening and so i moaned and tossed, and sleep was hard to find. It turned out that he and my father had been schoolmates in boyhood, yale students together later, and always warm friends up to my fathers death. Within a week i was sumptuously equipped with all needful comforts and luxuries, and was housed in an expensive private hotel in hanover square. I shall be so happy to think im helping!      helping, dear? Why, youll be doing it all. .

    Do me the favor to put on this shirt and this suit its just the thing, the very thing - plain, rich, modest, and just ducally nobby made to order for a foreign prince - you may know him, sir, his serene highness the hospodar of halifax had to leave it with us and take a mourning-suit because his mother was going to die - which she didnt Buy Short Stories Books at a discount

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    Drives every millionaire away from this place, because he cant tell a millionaire from a tramp, and never could. Ill tell you all about it, but not now. I want to hear it over again? This is a puzzler. Dear me! Its a palace - its just a palace! And in it everything a body could desire, including cosy coal fire and supper standing ready. Its too much of a strain on a persons curiosity.

    I know all about that mine, of course i know its immense value, and can swear to it if anybody wishes it. The english never play any game for amusement. About ten oclock on the following morning, seedy and hungry, i was dragging myself along portland place, when a child that was passing, towed by a nurse-maid, tossed a luscious big pear - minus one bite - into the gutter Buy Online Short Stories Books

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    The duke of shoreditch wanted to take precedence, and sit at the head of the table, holding that he outranked a minister who represented merely a nation and not a monarch but i stood for my rights, and refused to yield. I said, im just as grateful as i can be, but really i dont want one. But for it i could not have remained in london, would not have appeared at the ministers, never should have met her. We had a lovely time certainly two of us had, miss langham and i. I took my cue in a moment, and did the only rational thing there was to do.

    But thats all right we cant always have things the way we - that is, the way they - there! Trousers all right, they fit you to a charm, sir now the waistcoat aha, right again! Now the coat - lord! Look at that, now! Perfect - the whole thing! I never saw such a triumph in all my experience Buy Short Stories Books Online at a discount

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    I said i would, and we got to talking. Could i afford it? No i had nothing in the world but a million pounds. Well, dont you see what was bound to happen? I drifted naturally into buying whatever i wanted, and asking for change. I asked if they had a misfit suit that had been thrown on their hands. Brother a said he couldnt offer it at a bank or anywhere else, because he would be arrested on the spot.

    She walked to my man, got up in his lap, put her arm round his neck, and kissed him right on the mouth. And as to the bet, i wasnt worrying about that i had always been lucky. I must have sat there stunned and blinking at the note as much as a minute before i came rightly to myself again Short Stories Books For Sale

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    It couldnt be settled, of course, struggle as we might and did, he finally (and injudiciously) trying to play birth and antiquity, and i seeing his conqueror and raising him with adam, whose direct posterity i was, as shown by my name, while he was of a collateral branch, as shown by his, and by his recent norman origin so we all processioned back to the drawing-room again and had a perpendicular lunch - plate of sardines and a strawberry, and you group yourself and stand up and eat it. So i had to give it up and go away. Now, something had been happening there a little before, which i did not know anything about until a good many days afterwards, but i will tell you about it now. Why, i couldnt even say two for his heels without adding, my, how sweet you do look! And she would say, fifteen two, fifteen four, fifteen six, and a pair are eight, and eight are sixteen - do you think so? - peeping out aslant from under her lashes, you know, so sweet and cunning For Sale Short Stories Books

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    When he and i entered my parlor, he brought me to myself with his fervent appreciations of my manifold comforts and luxuries. They had just finished their breakfast, and the sight of the remains of it almost overpowered me. Of course, i told her we should have to wait a couple of years, till i could catch up on my salary but she didnt mind that, only she hoped i would be as careful as possible in the matter of expenses, and not let them run the least risk of trenching on our third years pay. What in the nation she could find to laugh about i couldnt see, but there it was every half-minute some new detail would fetch her, and i would have to stop as much as a minute and a half to give her a chance to settle down again Sale Short Stories Books





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